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The Secret to Virtual Presence


By Daniel Kingsley

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For obvious reasons, we are all taking a lot more virtual meetings these days on Zoom, Teams and Skype.

The upside is that many people don’t experience it as quite a such a threatening place to speak in “public”.

The downside is that quite a few people are telling me that they feel that are not really “coming through the screen”.  That they aren’t able to have the presence that they would like online.

They would like to be able to be more captivating, more powerful…more charismatic.  And yet the screen and often the experience of speaking to a camera can feel very disconnecting and limiting.

In fact, there is one simple yet amazingly powerful thing we can do to massively increase our presence when we speak online.

I’ve made the video below, that guides you through how to really make an impact in virtual meetings. 
(Especially in the situation where you are having to speak directly to a camera, or you can’t see most or all of your audience).

Check it out and let me know how you get on in the comments below.

I wish you good luck and much virtual presence and confidence!



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