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Public Speaking Courses in London

She's getting her message across

with more clarity, and enjoys herself more when she speaks.


He’s discovered that a strong
connection with his audience

can help him have more impact.

Public Speaking Courses

His talks are more focused,

powerful, grounded and authoritative.

Public Speaking Courses London - Daniel Kingsley

Daniel Kingsley

and the team at Presence have made all that possible

Change the way you feel about speaking in public with our powerful and fun public speaking courses in London.

We’ll help you tame your anxiety and develop your natural charisma, enabling you to make a deep connection with your audience and get your message across.

These public speaking courses are for you if you want to:

  • Effectively manage nerves
  • Overcome public speaking fear
  • Feel confident and enjoy speaking in front of any audience
  • Speak easily and creatively – without notes
  • Remain composed and think clearly – even under pressure
  • Feel really comfortable at business or social events
  • Get your message across powerfully and effectively in all situations

Have you got any questions about our courses?

How is our approach different?

Public Speaking doesn’t have to be scary.  And it doesn’t have to be a “performance”.  There is another way…

Daniel Kingsley, Director, Presence Training

We are social creatures. Relationships are at the heart of what it means to be human. Our experience is that if we can help people get the relationships right, everything else falls into place. This is especially true for public speaking.

No amount of techniques and tricks will help you speak effectively unless you can really connect with your audience and they can feel that you’re truly at ease at the front of the room.

Our unique approach to public speaking goes much deeper than most others. We’ll help you to develop an authentically confident personal public speaking style that will allow you to connect with your audience, and successfully get your points across in a way that impacts your audience intellectually and emotionally.

Watch our intro video

How does your training work?

We’ll help you get to the root of your challenge with public speaking by learning how to master your emotions, the symptoms of adrenaline and your negative thoughts, so that your mind and body start working for you not against you.

We’ll teach you how to be comfortable with eye contact, work with your breathing, get comfortable with silence and how connecting with your audience can actually calm you down.  These are simple yet radical techniques (neglected by most other training methods) that really work.

Are these workshops for me?

Yes!  Whether you are terrified of public speaking (as many of our participants are), or you’re relatively confident and simply want a more powerful connection with your audience, our gentle yet radical approach can help you.

We’ve helped CEOs, Lecturers, Lawyers, Bricklayers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Models, Actors, aspiring Politicians, Plumbers and Computer Programmers.  Over the years we’ve taught thousands of people from almost any profession you can think of, and at all levels of seniority.  And as a result, we are very confident we can help you too.

But don’t take our word for it, check out all the video testimonials below or the written testimonials on the right hand side, or click here to see our 200+ Google Reviews (desktop browsers only).

What our clients think about our public speaking courses in London


Shelley, Human Resources Manager


Rob, Company Director


Beccy, Marketing Lead

Why are your workshops two days instead of one?

In short, we’ve tried offering both 1 and 2-day workshops, and the 2-day workshops simply work much better.  (So much so that we don’t offer 1-day workshops anymore!) A 2-day workshop allows you to go deeper and have more time practising and embedding your skills, meaning that the learning “sticks” much better, and you’ll remember more in your everyday life.

Where do your workshops take place?

All of our workshops take place in lovely, comfortable and often magical venues in Central London.  We choose beautiful and cosy spaces to train in as we believe that this enhances everyone’s learning experience.  You can see pictures of our venues if you click through to individual events on our upcoming courses page.

What support is available after the training?

Unlike many other training providers, we won’t leave you without support when you’ve completed our courses.  Our optional Presence Public Speaking Club will give you the chance to practice and embed your skills in a safe and encouraging atmosphere, for as long as you need.  Sign up for a year and renew for as long as you want. (Many people keep renewing their membership as they are enjoying it so much!)

Would you like a free consultation on your options?

Foundation public speaking courses

Everyone who trains with us starts with our Foundation public speaking courses in London.  They are suitable for both beginners and more advanced public speakers and they are the ideal way to build and develop your confidence and ability in authentic public speaking.

The Foundation public speaking courses often make a very powerful difference to people’s experience as public speakers.  All of the photographs at the top of the pages throughout this website and the video testimonials on the site are from actual Foundation participants who’ve benefited significantly from the course.

The full Foundation public speaking course runs for 4 days over two modules (Foundation One and Foundation Two). You can book the whole course at once, or just start with Foundation One.

Choose the Foundation option that’s right for you:

Foundation 1

2 days from
£425 + VAT

Foundation 1&2

2 x 2 days from
£815 + VAT

Complete Package

Foundations 1, 2 plus – One year’s Presence Club membership from
£1200 + VAT

Need some help in making your choice?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. More than half the people who come on our workshops identify as somewhere between  feeling unconfident in public speaking and absolutely terrified of public speaking, and they almost always make huge breakthroughs on the course. Even if the idea of taking a public speaking workshop scares you, we’ll do our best to find a way to make it a safe experience for you, by taking things gently and step by step.  Many participants are pleasantly surprised by how “not scary” a public speaking workshop can be! Take a look at our testimonials in the right hand column and our Google Reviews (desktop browsers only).

If you’re already confident in public speaking, our method will significantly deepen your existing confidence and allow you to make a much more powerful and authentic connection with your audience, ensuring that your message gets across with impact. 20-30% of the participants on the workshops are in a similar position to you, and they all report that they get something very valuable from the workshops.

It’s quite simple. The way we teach public speaking involves helping you make major shifts in the way you relate with people in public. Making significant lasting changes takes time. Experience has taught us that we can’t help people to make the first giant leap in a single day. (We used to run 1 day workshops as well as 2 day workshops, but we stopped when we saw how much better people’s results were with the 2 day workshops.) If you’re willing to commit 2 days of your time, in almost every case we can help you to achieve great results.

All of our open courses take place in central London.  Our public speaking courses in London are all in comfortable, usually unique, Zone 1 locations, conveniently located for public transport.  You can find details of the locations by clicking on the individual events in the calendar located here.

The first thing to say here is that you’re in very good company.  Many of the other participants on a workshop will be in the same boat as you, so you’ll be far from the only one.  And we take this into account in how we design the workshops.  There’s no getting thrown in at the deep end and all the exercises are voluntary, so it’s all very low pressure.  At the end of the day public speaking is a group skill, so it’s best learned in a group.  Our job is to make that group experience as safe as possible, and we take that very seriously. So almost everyone, even if they were scared before the workshop, discovers that the workshop was much less scary than they imagined (dare we say it even enjoyable). So, no, you almost certainly don’t need to do one to one coaching before coming to do a workshop.  Just sign up and we’ll look after you.

Our full course descriptions are below, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

Foundation One

Establishing an authentic connection with your audience is the key to successful public speaking. This is something your audience will love because as humans we’re wired to connect. Unlike other public speaking training organisations, we will help you to develop a real connection and a rapport with your audience rather than teach you how to “perform”.

And, once you’re more comfortable and relaxed, you’ll find that the rest comes naturally. You’ll stop worrying about what do with your hands or the way you are standing and start enjoying a positive relationship with your audience and experiencing the ‘buzz’ of successfully getting your message across.

Foundation One includes practical one-to-one and group exercises with plenty of individual feedback and coaching. You’ll cover all the essential areas such as handling nerves, speaking without notes and making powerful use of silence, and receive tailored handouts at the end of each day so you can focus on learning rather than note-taking.  All our public speaking courses take place in London.

Our primary venue is the beautiful October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester St, London WC1N 3AL.  Check individual event listings for our other locations.

Benefits of this public speaking workshop:

  • Feel confident standing in front of an audience
  • Develop your own unique ‘voice’ and style
  • Build genuine rapport with your audience
  • Express yourself with authenticity and clarity
  • Speak ‘off the cuff’ without notes
  • Refine your abililty to give and receive appreciation
Public Speaking Courses in London

Foundation Two

Foundation Two builds on Foundation One and will enable you to develop strategies for applying your new found self-assurance in a business environment. You will learn how to create presentations for different audiences, how to deal with Q&A sessions and how to deal with difficult audiences; to effectively get your message across every time you speak. You will also develop essential one-to-one communications skills.  All of our public speaking courses are take place in London.  Foundation One is a Pre-requisite for Foundation Two.

Benefits of this public speaking workshop:

    • Make a powerful first impression – be the person remembered at networking events or business meetings
    • Master Q&A sessions
    • Learn to deal with difficult audiences
    • Practice public speaking to different workplace audiences: from customers to team mates to senior executives
Public Speaking Courses in London

The complete Foundation package

(Package includes Foundation parts 1 and 2, plus 1 year’s membership of The Presence Club.)

Taking a great course is only the first chapter in the story.  Once you understand the skills of authentic public speaking, what you really need is practice in a supportive environment.  The Presence Training complete Foundation Package includes a full year’s membership of the Presence Club, which meets once a month in central London, giving you the opportunity to really embed and integrate the authentic public speaking skills you have learned on the Foundation course.  For more details about the Presence Club click here.

You can book your membership of the Presence Club now, as part of the discounted package and start attending as soon as you’ve completed both Foundation 1 and Foundation 2.  And of course, if you don’t want to book it now, you can join the club at any time after completing the second part of the course.

Need some help in making your choice?

Partial Scholarships

We want our courses to be accessible to everyone, regardless of income.  If you are unable to afford our courses, but would still like to attend, we do offer a limited number of partial scholarships.  The price for these places is £275+VAT (instead of the full price of £475+VAT).

If you wish to apply for one of these places contact us letting us know which course you’d like to attend, what would you do with your life/work if public speaking wasn’t a problem, and why you want a scholarship.  We will let you know closer to the time if your application has been successful.

More Frequently Asked Questions…

Come to our workshops!  (But of course we’d say that).  More generally it’s a combination of learning the most effective techniques and practicing them.  We learn best when we are at the edge of our comfort zone, but not way over it.  That’s why on our courses and workshops we don’t throw you in the deep end, but take you gradually, step by step, to increasing levels of challenge.  That way you’re continually learning, but at a pace you can assimilate and manage.  Once you’ve completed a course with us, you’ll have the option to join our Public Speaking Club, which will allow you to practice in a safe and supportive environment in front of a larger audience and to get constructive feedback on your speaking if you want it.  It’s wonderful to see many many of our participants getting better at public speaking in this way.

A good speaker is one who is able to get their message across to the audience in a way that makes a lasting positive impression on that audience.  We believe that the most effective way to do that is to treat public speaking as a relationship between you and the audience.  So public speaking stops being something that you do to an audience and starts being something that you do with an audience.  On our courses we’ll show you how to build this sort of relationship with an audience.

We also believe that the best speakers are comfortable, confident and relaxed being themselves, rather than putting on a performance – since as audience members we want to be spoken to by a real human being.  We’ll teach you how to feel comfortable in your own skin, so you can give your audiences this experience, and you can enjoy speaking to them at the same time.

A good presentation is one that meets your needs and the needs of your audience.  You have a point to get across or a story to tell.  And the audience has come to you because they want information, entertainment, or often both.  The trick is to be able to make your presentation clear enough and persuasive enough so that your audience can grasp your point and remember what you have to say, and at the same time giving them exactly what they came for, or perhaps even more!  On Foundation 2 we’ll teach you a powerful technique which allows you to construct your presentation by looking at it from many different points of view, so that it’s able to do all of these jobs.

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