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In House Training

This training has had a huge impact on my
ability to speak to audiences

in both work and social contexts –
to be myself, without fear, and not rely on a scaffold
of preparation even under high pressure.

I can’t begin to describe how liberating
this has been for me.

Daniel Hermele - Senior Director and Legal Counsel, Qualcomm

Help your people develop a naturally confident personality and build real rapport with colleagues and customers.

Presence Training is one of the leading providers of authentic leadership, communication and presentation workshops, for organisations that think creatively about professional development.

What I got from this training was a basic methodology for enjoying public speaking. I appreciated the relaxed, safe environment. The pace was gentle in terms of having to stand up and present, yet we fitted a lot in. From my point of view there was nothing you could improve on. It was perfect for me.
Peter May – Business Analyst, National Australia Bank

Change how you relate. Change everything.

We believe that relationship is at the heart of what it means to be human and that if we get the relationships right everything else follows. This is nowhere more true than in the arena of communication in business and within organisations.

We help clients who value authentic relationships with their customers and amongst their employees to help their people to communicate with clarity and warmth and to build deep trusting and lasting relationships both internally and externally – creating leaders and communicators who command warmth, attention and respect.

Our in-house training packages can provide you with a training designed to meet the needs of your particular company to have staff who are confident, powerful authentic communicators, allowing your organisation to communicate more effectively internally and externally and get your message across when it matters most.

Areas covered by our in-house courses include:

  • Authentic public speaking and/or presentation skills courses
  • Embodied Leadership training
  • Communication Skills
  • Managing Disagreement – how to have effective Difficult Conversations

Organisations we have worked for include…

Organisations We've Worked For V1 Copy

Find out more about how we can help your organisation.

Tailor-made for your organisation

Let us know what you need and we’ll help you chose the right mixture of modules for your company or organisation and the individuals within it.

We can tailor-make your organisation a package of any length, from a taster session of half a day, to a course structured over a number of months combined with small group work and one to one sessions.

On completing their training, your participants will:

  • feel confident when speaking in public
  • be able to build a rapport with their audience or as leaders
  • develop a unique voice and engaging presentation style based on their personal experiences
  • speak with clarity and conviction – ensuring that their message is credible
  • make their words count
  • use their body-language or “embodiment” to feel more authentically powerful and be more inspiring
  • return to the workplace confident, motivated and inspired and ready to put their learning into action – whether that’s leading their next team meeting or pitching to a major new prospect

I’m delighted to recommend Presence Training as an effective public speaking, leadership and team building experience.  I recently engaged Presence to facilitate in-house training for my team at NBC Universal, and the results have been extremely positive. While everyone can benefit from Daniel’s refreshingly-different take on developing their presentation skills, those in my team with issues around self-confidence have noticeably blossomed following their Presence Training and the boost to their confidence has been felt long after the course has ended.

Richard Eason, Director of Presentation Services, NBC Universal

Is this relevant to confident speakers?

Indicative course outlines

Although we find it most effective to create courses to your specific requirements, organisations often ask for indicative course outlines, so we’ve offered you some below.

This four day course is delivered in two distinct blocks:

Days one and two – are an introduction to the foundations of authentic speaking and provide a number of chances to gain practical experience. Participants will learn how to build a rapport with the audience and develop creative and engaging presentations, drawing on story-telling techniques.  The emotional self-awareness skills taught and explored mean that this course also functions as a leadership course.

Days three and four – delivered after a gap of two or three weeks, brings together all the learning and experience from the first two days and builds on this to enable participants to deliver even more powerful presentations. Skills include:

  • Managing difficult audiences
  • Handing Q&A Sessions
  • Creating presentations that really connect with particular audiences
  • Maintaining audience connection whilst working with a plan or script

Other specific modules (such as Storytelling for Leaders, Elevator Pitches or Connecting using “Audio only”) can be substituted for the above on request.

Leaders don’t lead by talking.  They lead by what they do and how they are.  We might say of a great leader that they simply embody leadership.

This isn’t a figure of speech.  How we are as leaders and how we hold ourselves using our bodies are completely interconnected.  The good news is that if we learn how to become aware of our embodiment, we can change it for the better and in the process become more powerful, inclusive and effective leaders.

Our Embodied Leadership courses will allow your people to use body based exercises to gain awareness of how they are as leaders and to make new and more effective choices for how they wish to be.

By the end of this 2 day course participants will have gained a grounding in:

  • Being aware of their “embodied presence” as a leader
  • Expanding their personal space to grow personal presence
  • Creating a sense of inclusiveness within a team or group
  • Listening in a way that makes team members feel heard and valued.
  • Speaking with power and authority
  • Learning how to hold their ground when the going gets tough.

There are many situations at work where it’s necessary to have difficult conversations, where emotions can run high and can get in the way of optimal outcomes. This course looks at how to get the most out of those conversations, allowing your organisation and the people within it to communicate authentically and in the way most likely to reach win-win agreements.

By the end of this 2 day course participants will have gained a grounding in:

  • establishing ‘relational presence’ as a non-threatening basis for communication
  • recognising feelings and needs in conflict situations
  • using active listening to allow feelings and needs to be acknowledged
  • distinguishing between personal responsibility and the contribution of the other party
  • the ability to ‘own up’ whilst maintaining boundaries when the other is responsible
  • understanding their own ‘trigger points’ and recognizing when another has been

Creating the right course for your organisation

Mastering any skill requires deep learning and lots of practice. Our longer and advanced tailor-made courses allow us to adapt content to meet specific needs such as management development, sales, and improved and effective communication and presentation delivered through:

  • advanced communication training
  • rehearsals for specific events
  • one-to-one coaching

We recommend that organisations start with a minimum of two days’ training for their employees to ensure that learning is embedded. Many opt for longer training programmes, spread over a number of months and including small group work and individual coaching sessions, in order to help their people to achieve significant, lasting change.

Can you see this course being relevant to your working life?

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