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Public Speaking Courses

Let us help bring more Presence into your organisation

The difference between an organisation where everyone is working together harmoniously and one where everyone is pulling in different directions comes down to how every person communicates, listens and leads.

We can help you to create a culture of conscious leadership in your organisation.  Supporting you to create an environment where every member of staff feels truly seen and valued, and helping you to make your workplace somewhere people love to work.

Organisations with this sort of culture have high employee engagement, with low staff turnover rates.  They have a creative and willing workforce who will tell everyone they know what a great place it is to work, making recruitment easy.  They are able to find the “genius” of each person who works for them and allow them to play to their strengths, making the organisation as a whole more intelligent, vibrant and stronger.

The keys to all of the above are awareness, authenticity, real listening and Presence.  We can help you change the way you communicate with each other, so that these qualities are “baked in” to how you do things, allowing you and your people to reap amazing rewards.


Our methodologies

Our working methods are strongly influenced by the work of Otto Scharmer and the Theory U model, which allows organisations to “see themselves” and how they can fit better into the bigger picture.  They have also been strongly influenced by the Conscious Leadership movement (in particular as set out by Dethmer, Chapman and Warner Klemp).  The Relational Presence® method (as originated by Lee Glickstein) allows people to quickly build deep rapport and access deep listening.  And models of Embodied Leadership (in particular as advocated by Wendy Palmer and Paul Linden) allow us to use body awareness as a tool for creating and embodying the sort of leaders we wish to be.


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