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  • London WC1N 3AL
  • Club Membership
     June 16, 2017 - January 31, 2031
     6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

One Year Membership The Presence Training Club

In order to embed a new skill or habit, it’s not enough to do a short course.  What you need is practice.  The Presence Club gives you just that – an opportunity to practice and embed your skills in the company of like minded people.

Meeting once a month in a comfortable central London venue (usually on a Thursday evening), the club gives everyone a chance to revise the exercises learned in the Foundation course and to take turns in front of the whole group.

Club attendance is open to anyone who has successfully completed both Foundation 1 and 2, although you can pay for your membership of the club before you have taken the Foundation course.

Club membership is subject to our terms and conditions which can be found here.

For more details about the club and what a typical evening looks like – read on.


What is the Presence Club?

The club meets once a month in Central London, usually on a Thursday, from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

For the time being, membership is limited to 50 members.

This number was chosen in response to feedback that people wanted a place where they could practice speaking in front of larger groups.  Of course, not everyone turns up to every meeting, but when the club is full there will be 15-20 people at each meeting.

You will never have to speak in front of the whole group unless you want to.  There will always be a chance to speak in smaller sub-groups.

Similarly, because there will usually be more than 10 of us, there won’t be time for everyone to speak in front of the whole group on every occasion, but we find ways of sharing out the opportunities equally, so everyone who wants to gets a fair share of the attention!

The club isn’t just  the club evenings and – we have other social events and get-togethers.  We’re also planning to offer special services for club members like video Q&A sessions, if members want them.  We want the shape the club takes to be driven by you.

Daniel Kingsley (our main trainer) will facilitate the club for the time being, but there may be chances in the future for club members to be trained to facilitate on some occasions.


What does an evening look like?

Here’s a sample outline of a typical evening:

6.00pm-6.30pm   Arrival and networking

6.30pm-7.15pm   Opening and Relational Presence Practice (in pairs)

7.15pm-7.45pm   Small group work (Speaking in groups of 4, 5 or 6) for (say) 4-5 minutes.

7.45pm-8.00pm   Short tea/snack break

8.00pm-9.00pm   Turns in front of the whole group –5 minutes each with essence feedback.

9.00pm-9.15pm   Featured speaker(s)

9.15pm-9.30pm   Closing circle

9.30pm-10.30pm  (optional) trip to the pub for more networking and chat.

The above schedule isn’t set in stone, but is our first shot at what an evening will look like.


How will you share out the speaking slots in front of the whole group?

These will be a mixture of pre-booked slots and turn-up-on-the-night slots.

For example:

1 or 2 longer Featured Speaker slots (pre-booked)

A chance to practice a longer presentation in front of the whole group, for upto 10 minutes and to receive constructive criticism (if you want it).  Depending on attendance numbers there will either be 1 or 2 of these slots available.

12 turn-up-on-the-night slots in front of the whole group

These will be drawn at random from those who want to speak that night, but priority will be given to those who haven’t had a turn to speak in front of the group recently.


Where and when?

The club meets at the lovely club room at the October Gallery (except in the summer months when we’re at an equally lovely central London venue).  We meet once a month on a Thurday evening (usually the first Thursday of each month).

You are entirely welcome to come for as many or as few of these sessions as you can make.  There’s no need to book your attendance.

All upcoming dates can be found here.

Director and Principal Trainer at Presence Training
Daniel Kingsley founded Presence Training in 2012, and since that time has helped thousands of leaders and speakers to communicate with confidence, connection and authenticity. He loves his work and lives in North London.
Daniel Kingsley



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