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Practice makes perfect!  Once you have completed your training with Presence, these lively, fun evenings provide a relaxed and supportive environment for practising public speaking.

‘This training has had a huge impact on my ability to speak to audiences in both work and social contexts – to be myself, without fear, and not rely on a scaffold of preparation even under high pressure. I can’t begin to describe how liberating this has been for me.’
Daniel, Senior Director and Legal Counsel

Three days on even the best public speaking course is not enough to transform anyone’s public speaking behaviour by itself. To embed your learning and improve your skills you need to practice.

That’s why we host regular practice evenings aimed at those who have completed the Foundation training.  They provide a supportive environment where you can enjoy yourself while trying out what you’ve learnt, and develop a natural and effective speaking style.

We usually start with simple group exercises to put you at your ease and refresh your memory.  Then everyone has the opportunity to step forward and start talking!

Our priority is to create an environment that feels safe and relaxed for everyone so that your authentic voice can emerge.  These evenings are both powerful and a lot of fun.

Practice evenings take place twice a month in North and Central London and run from 6:30 to 9:30, with a 20-30 minute tea break.


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Individuals £25 / £20 early bird

Businesses £45 / £40 early bird

  1.  All those completing Foundation training will receive a free ticket to a practice evening of their choice.
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