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Daniel’s skillful and collaborative training opened my eyes to a different approach to public speaking. It felt completely counter-intuitive AND it totally works! I highly recommend Daniel and Presence Training to anyone who wants to build confidence and authenticity when communicating with small or large audiences.

Trudy Wright

I’ve just been to my brother’s 70th birthday where I had to give a speech. For two years leading up to the day, I had been dreading it. Your coaching changed everything. I gave an 8-minute speech that was very well received. Without your coaching, I could never have done it. It is little short of a miracle that I did. Thank you for giving me the tools to conquer my fears.  I enjoyed making the speech and I look forward in anticipation to the next opportunity.

Joe Osumsanmi

I completed both Foundation 1 and 2 with Presence as part of an in-house training that I organised. The workshops were effective, enhancing my ability to be my true self in interactions / presentations. I appreciated that it was inward looking, not solely “performance orientated” – important as a leader today. I learnt much about myself, and took away applicable tools and techniques. Overall, an excellent training that I’d recommend.

Shannon Most

If you want to take full control of your ‘life’ and become the best communicator and public speaker you can be I can’t recommend Daniel Kingsley and Presence Training highly enough. It could change your life.

I found the workshop to be incredibly helpful and informative. I’m feeling a lot more confident. I enjoyed putting learning into practice through creative and fun activities. I’m very happy with how the two days went. Was feeling nervous at first, but felt relaxed from the very start.

Presence’s approach to public speaking is a revelation. After my first two days of training I’m inspired to keep it up and really get past this fear of public speaking, which I can now see has been holding me back in so many areas of my life. I found the training comfortable, safe and expansive.

This workshop gave me the confidence to know that I can! I really appreciated the compassion and understanding. The course is probably unique in its approach, which is very effective and authentic. A fantastic course and so much more than just public speaking, I would highly recommend it.

This workshop gave me confidence that I can be a speaker. I loved the pace, the teacher, the people and the place. I liked the path it took – enabling us connect all the lessons with practice in a safe environment. I just want to learn more. Thank you!

By teaching simple yet very powerful techniques, Presence empower speakers to be fully present and to transmit content in an engaging and effective way. This work makes a real difference.

Sandra Tabares Duque - Public Speaking

I love Presence! Such a wonderful, conscious, authentic approach to learning to speak with confidence and heart in public.

I can now speak confidently in front of an audience of 300 and I put this down to the incredible foundations that Presence helped me build. Couldn’t recommend them more!

Zoe Clews

Attending the Presence Foundation course was a revelation for me.

The fear of addressing 170-odd people at my wedding was the boot that kicked my arse into confronting my long-held fear of public speaking.

The course was challenging, insightful, educational and inspirational. Best of all, I ended up loving giving my wedding speech!

Wayne Judd

I wasn’t expecting such a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere from something that I had been feeling quite concerned about. It was fun and encouraging too, which was a great way to learn.

I came away with the confidence of being able to hold the attention of an audience before I’ve even started speaking. Thank you!

I was really impressed with the power of the course.  I can see it making a big difference professionally and personally and I had a great time! I left the building with a sense of immediately wanting to go out and practice.

I am a pretty confident speaker, but I was blown away by the two days. My speaking improved significantly every time I got up to speak.

The Presence workshops are thoroughly enjoyable.
They make public speaking more a pleasure than a chore.

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