speaking-circlesThe work of Speaking Circles® was developed in 1989 by Lee Glickstein, founder of Speaking Circles International and author of Be Heard How! Originally a stand-up comedian in search of confidence on stage, Lee discovered a simple yet powerful approach to developing the secret ingredient of charisma in public speaking – ‘Relational Presence’. Since then, this transforming concept has been used to successfully support people all over the world. This concept of Relational Presence forms the ground of all the workshops that we offer and is key to developing effective communication skills. Effective communication skill.

A typical workshop is made up of a maximum of 10 participants. We work through exercises designed to help people relax into themselves and in relationship with each other, gradually enabling them to become more confident in the speaker role and more attuned in the listener role.

Much of what we do is about supporting people to become more present. In fact Relational Presence is the foundation of powerful communication and good communication skills, yet is usually bypassed in more technique-based approaches to public speaking.

Making a real difference

By supporting our participants’ ability to be present, grounded and aware when speaking, we encourage more space for their natural creativity and eloquence to emerge. The result is clearer thinking, a more authentic voice and a growing sense of confidence in what they have to offer.

These are no ordinary public speaking classes. This is confident speaking from the inside out.

About Daniel

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Daniel Kingsley is a certified Speaking Circles® facilitators trained by Speaking Circles International and has been facilitating this work since 2011.

Through Presence Training he now runs 2 and 4 day Foundation Courses, and also undertakes one to one training.

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