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Authentic Public Speaking

She's More Relaxed

and feels more confident standing in front of a group.

Public Speaking Courses

He's found his natural charisma

and is able to make an impact on his listeners.

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He's discovered the playful side

of public speaking and connects more with his audience.

Public Speaking Courses London - Daniel Kingsley

Daniel Kingsley

and the team at Presence have made all that possible.

Three day courses that will develop your natural personal presence and enable you to make a deep connection with your audience to get your message across.

No amount of techniques and tricks will help you speak effectively unless you can really connect with your audience and feel truly at ease at the front of the room.  Our unique approach to public speaking training goes much deeper than most others. We will help you to develop a confident personal speaking style that will enable you to connect with your audience and successfully get your points across, time after time.

This course is for you if you want to:

tick pFeel really comfortable at business or social events

tick pFeel confident and enjoy speaking in front of any audience

tick pSpeak easily and creatively – without notes

tick pRemain composed and think clearly – even under pressure

tick pGet your message across powerfully and effectively in both business and social situations
tick pLearn a lifelong skill that can help you succeed within your career and personal life.

Foundation packages

One-to-one coaching sessions are a great way of focusing on particular areas of the training that you may wish to explore further – or to iron out issues and help combat nerves.  Our complete Foundation Package includes two individual coaching sessions and three practice evenings so that delegates can embed learning and practice their skills.

Foundation 1

Foundation 1

Paid for by individuals – £410 (£370 early bird)

Paid for by organisations – £535 (£495 early bird)

Foundation II

Foundation II

Paid for by individuals – £225 (£195 early bird)

Paid for by organisations – £295 (£255 early bird)

I & II

I & II

Paid for by individuals – £595 (£525 early bird)

Paid for by organisaitons – £785 (£705 early bird)

Why not give us a try?

Still not sure that our public speaking training is right for you?  Why not try a half day taster workshop ?  These fun, interactive sessions are held in Central London three times a year and are the ideal way to find out more about our unique approach to public speaking training.  You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in just three hours and we think you’ll be hooked!

Foundation public speaking courses

These are our most popular training courses and the ideal way to build and develop your confidence and ability.  The full Foundation course runs for 4 days over two modules (Foundation One and Foundation Two).  Choose the option that’s right for you:

Foundation One (Days 1 and 2)

Establishing an authentic connection with your audience is the key to successful public speaking.  Unlike other training organisations, we will help you to develop a presence and a rapport rather than teach you how to perform.   And, once you’re more comfortable and relaxed, you’ll find that the rest comes naturally.  You’ll stop worrying about what do with your hands or the way you are standing and start enjoying a positive relationship with your audience and experiencing the ‘buzz’ of successfully getting your message across.

Presence Foundation courses include practical one-to-one and group exercises with plenty of individual feedback and coaching.  You’ll cover all the essential areas such as handling nerves, speaking without notes and making powerful use of silence, and receive tailored handouts at the end of each day so you can focus on learning rather than note-taking.

Foundation Two (Days 3 and 4) - Speaking at Work

Foundation Two builds on Foundation One and will enable you to develop strategies for applying your new found self-assurance in a business environment.  You will create presentations, learn how to deal with difficult questions and practice speaking to different workplace audiences; from team mates to senior executives and, of course, to customers and learn to effectively get your message across each and every time.  You will also develop essential one-to-one communications skills.

Foundation One and Two can be booked separately or together.  You must complete Foundation One before progressing to Foundation Two.

Coming soon, our new Advanced Public Speaking Courses, designed to take your public speaking to the next level.  Watch this space! 

Keep up the good work!

We can help you to develop a confident personal speaking style and a positive connection with your audience but you need to practice regularly to embed your learning and achieve your full potential.  Once you’ve completed your Foundation training you can practise and experiment in the relaxed and supportive atmosphere of our fun and informal practice evenings 

Need some help in making your choice?  We’re happy to advise.  Simply email or phone 020 7112 9194

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