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Attending the Presence Foundation
course was a revelation for me.

The fear of addressing 170-odd people at my wedding was the
boot that kicked my arse into confronting my long-held fear of
public speaking. The course was challenging, insightful,
educational and inspirational. Best of all, I ended up loving
giving my wedding speech!

Wayne Judd - Journalist

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Relational PresenceWe are proud to incorporate the Relational Presence® method in our work in the areas of public speaking, leadership and team-building.  This method was pioneered by Lee Glickstein, founder of Speaking Circles®, who coined the term “Relational Presence” for a particular way of being with an audience large or small.  The understanding and practice of Relational Presence continues to evolve, but the essence is simple.  It involves a sense of connectedness with those we are communicating with, where the relationship itself is given as much or more value as what is being said.  The benefits of being in Relational Presence with those you are speaking to or listening to is a greater sense of calm, connection and confidence.  All our open courses take place in London.

Much of what we do is about supporting people to become more present. In fact Relational Presence is the foundation of powerful communication and good communication skills, yet is usually bypassed in more technique-based approaches to public speaking and leadership.

Relational Presence makes all the difference

By supporting our participants’ ability to be present, grounded and aware when speaking and listening, we encourage more space for their natural creativity and eloquence to emerge. The result is clearer thinking, a more authentic voice and a growing sense of confidence in what they have to offer.

These are no ordinary public speaking classes. This is confident speaking from the inside out.

About Daniel

Daniel Kingsley is a licenced Relational Presence® facilitator and has been facilitating this work since 2011.  There are currently more than 35 Relational Presence® facilitators in Europe.  As a network we meet regularly to inspire each other and share best practice.  For more details about Relational Presence® see the Relational Presence® website.

Through Presence Training Daniel now runs 2 and 4 day Foundation Courses, and also undertakes one to one and in-house training.

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