You’re looking for a great Presentation Skills Training Course in London, but what you really need is our Foundation training.

You’re looking for a Presentation Skills Training Course in London because you are looking for ways of making your presentations more powerful and compelling and because you want to feel more confident in all your presentation or speaking environments.

Unfortunately most presentation skills training courses won’t actually give you this.  They’ll teach you how to structure a presentation, how to use Powerpoint effectively, how to stand and what to do with your hands, but they won’t address these more fundamental issues.

This training gave me incredible tools to be more confident and ensure others see me as confident and calm. Very practical, enchanting and easy going course and not the typical workshop where materials are prepared and just delivered to the audience; this was much more deep, practical and enjoyable. Congratulations to Daniel for his amazing work! 

Anna – In House Lawyer, NBC Universal

It’s no good having a great speech or knowing what to do with your hands if you can’t make a real human connection with your audience. Other approaches ignore this fundamental skill of public speaking, but we make it a priority.

If you want a standard Presentation Skills training course that throws large amounts of information at you, without giving you the chance to practice the techniques you are learning, our courses are not for you.

If you want a course that fundamentally changes the way you speak or present in public and how your audience feel about you as a speaker, you’ve come to the right place.  Check out our presentation and public speaking courses in London now.

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Presentation Skills Training Courses in London

What makes this training different?

Transform your presentation confidence.

About our Principal Trainer

About DanielOur principal trainer Daniel Kingsley started out doing presentations and Presentation Skills Courses in the traditional way until he discovered the infinitely more powerful Speaking Circles® method. He discovered that when you get the connection with your audience right, everything else just falls into place.

Our Foundation training harnesses the effectiveness of learning how to build real and deep rapport with an audience with an understanding of how to harness your emotions in order to be a really compelling communicator.  Whoever you’re presenting to.


Our Foundation training will teach you how to:

  • Feel at comfortable having genuine eye contact with audiences.
  • Be authentically yourself in any presentation situation
  • Master the emotions that you experience when you present
  • Deliver presentations with very little planning and improvise readily
  • Manage difficult audiences
  • Appreciate how body language can affect confidence and how to change it
  • Take command of Q&A sessions
Attendees on our Foundation Courses often express surprise about how enjoyable presenting and public speaking can be.  They attribute it to the very different and experiential teaching method, the camaraderie created within the group and the experience of the course facilitators.  We think you will also find our Foundation Course to be an fun, powerful and extremely rewarding experience.

Don’t opt for a standard Presentation Skills training course – choose an extraordinary one, with extraordinary results.

What’s your advice to someone who’s thinking of taking this course?

Transform your confidence when you present.

How the training works

We’ve learned from teaching hundreds of participants that the best way for people to truly learn new skills is by doing ane experiencing, rather than sitting and listening.  Working in groups of a maximum of 10 people you’ll get plenty of chances to practice our groundbreaking techniques, rather than just hearing about them.  We combine:

  • Personal coaching
  • Working in small groups
  • Whole group sessions
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Take home notes encompassing all the key learnings
  • The chance to be recorded on camera (if you wish) so you can continue your learning at home.

And, of course if you’d still like some help with structuring presentations or Powerpoint at the end of the course we’ll be happy to coach you in these areas one to one.

Trudy Wright

Daniel’s skillful and collaborative training opened my eyes to a different approach to public speaking. It felt completely counter-intuitive AND it totally works! I highly recommend Daniel and Presence Training to anyone who wants to build confidence and authenticity when communicating with small or large audiences.

Trudy Wright, Coach and Consultant

Radically improve your presentations today!

If we have whetted your appetite to know more, and you’d like to find out how our presentation skills training courses in London can help you become a more authentic and powerful presenter, contact us for a free consultation, or download our free guide to authentic public speaking.