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I wasn't sure what to expect from this training,
as I am a pretty confident speaker, but
I was blown away by the two days.

Daniel facilitated clearly and with depth and
shared great knowledge and experience. I felt my
speaking improved significantly every time I went up
to speak. I left with new confidence not only in my
speaking ability but also in myself.

Nicola Foster - Director Client Services, Outsell

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The quickest way to dramatically improve your communication skills is to learn how to build real connection and deep rapport with the people you speak to. That’s where our Foundation courses come in.

Although our Foundation courses are called “Public Speaking” courses – they are much much more than that. They are essentially powerful communication skills courses that develop your skills as an authentic communicator.

Our courses will teach you how to make a real connection with whoever you are speaking to (whether it’s one person or one hundred), how to really get your message across, and how to become an amazing listener.

Our two day Foundation 1 course is one of the fastest ways to dramatically improve your communication skills, and it’s also a lot of fun!

We’ll teach you how to use real eye contact as the basis for authentic communication, how to become more comfortable using silence and how to speak fluently and movingly without preparing what you are going to say.

If you want to take your communications skills to the next level and way beyond, check out our communication skills and public speaking courses in London now

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About DanielOur principal trainer Daniel Kingsley started out doing Communication Skills and public speaking Training in the traditional way until he discovered the vastly more powerful Speaking Circles® method.  His realisation was that if you can get the connection with those you are speaking to right, everything else simply falls into place.

Our Foundation training teaches you to understand what happens for you in any communication situation both intellectually and emotionally.  You will learn how to relate with your own emotional world, so that your feelings don’t take over, and how to really connect with another human being.

This is the essence of great communication skills and our Foundation communication skills courses really teach you how.

Our Foundation training will teach you how to:

  • Effectively use eye contact to build connection with another person
  • Manage your emotions whatever the situation
  • To communicate as yourself rather than putting on an act.
  • Speak to individuals and groups “off the cuff” with little or no planning
  • To understand others’ emotions, especially when they are being difficult
  • Learn about the relationship between body language and confidence and how to positively influence it.

People who attend the Foundation courses are often surprised at how enjoyable and powerful they are. They put this down how supportive the group environment is, the gentle yet radical training methods and the experience of the trainers. Come and discover how easy it can be to take your communication skills to the next level.

What would you tell anyone thinking about this course?

How our communication skills courses work

We work in groups of no more than 10 people, and you’ll get plenty of opportunity to practice, instead of simply listening to theory.  Our experience has taught us that this is the fastest and most effective way for people to learn. We will allow you to practice what you’re learning from the word go in our trainings. You’ll experience a combination of:

  • Personal one to one coaching
  • Pair work
  • Speaking to the entire group
  • Open feedback opportunities
  • “Take home messages” covering all the main points we’ve studied, so you can focus on experiencing the learning rather than taking notes
  • A chance to be videoed (should you wish) so that you can review your learning in the comfort of your own home.

Most people find that this course is all they need to make the changes they want to make, but if you want more in depth individual coaching on any particular issue, we’re also delighted to provide this after the course.

Trudy Wright

Daniel’s skillful and collaborative training opened my eyes to a different approach to public speaking. It felt completely counter-intuitive AND it totally works! I highly recommend Daniel and Presence Training to anyone who wants to build confidence and authenticity when communicating with small or large audiences.

Trudy Wright, Coach and Consultant

Take your communication skills to the next level now!

So if we have intrigued you and you’d like to know more about how to take your communication skills to the next level, contact us for a free consultation, or download our free guide to authentic public speaking.

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