Giving a best man speech or a wedding speech can be pretty scary – we can help with that.  A lot.

It’s a tough gig.  You’re not a natural public speaker and you need to give one of the biggest speeches of your life.  Everyone’s depending on you and they’re expecting you to be clever, funny, honest, heartfelt and confident.  No pressure then.

We can help.  Many of the people who come to our public speaking courses in London are coming for this exact same reason.  Some of them have been avoiding public speaking all their lives and know that because they’ve agreed to do this speech they can’t avoid in any longer.  Lots of them come dreading public speaking.  Most of them leave our courses liking it or even loving it.

A wedding speech or a best man speech doesn’t have to be a great challenge if you can feel confident to really connect to your audience and to speak confidently (even without extensive notes).  That’s where we come in.  We won’t help you write your best man speech, but we will help you deliver it in a way that feels easy, natural and relaxing.  And the Speaking Circles method is a big part of that.

How the Speaking Circles method can help your wedding speech

Lee Glickstein designed the Speaking Circles® method to overcome his own terror at speaking in public.  He recognised that he was OK at speaking to people individually and he wondered if he could find some way of using this speaking to groups.  It turns out that he could and he did.  He quickly felt radically more confident.  Since then thousands of people have benefited from this radically different way of doing public speaking and there are trainers using this method all around the world.

We will teach you how to find the same comfort speaking to a group as you have when you are speaking to people individually, and how to manage your emotions and harness your body language in order not just to appear more confident, but actually to feel more confident.

Even if you don’t find it easy to relate to people one to one, our gently calibrated exercises and supportive tuition will support you through the process and allow you the possibility of making breakthroughs that you never thought were possible.

Many people are amazed by how quickly they are able to feel better about speaking in public.  It turns out that the habbits of a lifetime are not always as hard to change as they had imagined.

We’d love to help you and give an amazing best man speech or wedding speech.

Come and see how easy it can be!

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Many people are dreading giving their wedding speech.  We can put you in a position where you can really enjoy it!

About DanielOur main facilitator, Daniel Kingsley started out speaking in public the traditional way (and learned from some of the most established speakers) until he discovered the radically different (and much easier) Speaking Circles® method. In doing so he realised that if you can authentically connect with an audience, things become simpler, more relaxing and vastly more enjoyable!

On our Foundation training you’ll learn how to harness the power of authentic eye contact and emotional self management to make this real connection with your audience.  You’ll feel calmer and more in tune with those you’re speaking to, and everyone will have a much better time.

Time and time again, whether they are the best man, father of the bride, bride or groom, people have told us what a massive difference our Foundation courses have made to their wedding speech.  And we’ve seen lots of wonderful videos to prove it!

You’ll learn on our Foundation courses how to:

  • Make eye contact with your audience and enjoy it
  • Enjoy your connection with an audience
  • Manage nerves and other difficult emotions using body awareness and mindfulness techniques
  • Speak off the cuff with few or no notes
  • Understand how to use your body language to actually feel more confident (not just appear more confident)

A large number of those attending our Foundation courses do so because they are a best man, or wish to give a speech as bridegroom or father of the bride.  We’ve also had plenty of brides and maids of honour through our doors.  People are often astonished how quickly their anxiety about the day vanishes and what a big difference just two days of training makes to their confidence.

They put this down to how warm and supportive and safe they find the groups, the simple yet powerful training methods and the skill and expertise of our trainers.

Come and see how easy it is to make a real difference to how you feel about giving your wedding speech!

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How the Foundation Courses work

You’ll be in a group of no more than 10 people, allowing plenty of space for individual attention.  The emphasis in on learning by doing rather than listening to tons of facts or information.  Maximum hands-on practice, minimum talk.   Our experience is that this is the way that people learn most quickly.  Within 15 mintues of starting the training you’ll be practising using the new teachniques, and we’ll lead you through gently, step by step using a combination of:

  • Personal coaching
  • Working in pairs or small groups
  • Standing in front of the entire audience or group
  • Opportunities for questions, feedback and discussion
  • Information sheets at the end of each day with all the techniques and learning we have covered, so you can concentrate on enjoying learning, rather than scribbling notes
  • A chance to be videoed so that you can review your performance at home and also revisit the positive feedback you received

And, of course, if you’d like some help afterwards with writing your speech or want some individual coaching, we can set up a coaching session one to one.

Joe Osumsanmi

I’ve just been to my brother’s 70th birthday where I had to give a speech. For two years leading up to the day, I had been dreading it. Your coaching changed everything. I gave an 8-minute speech that was very well received. Without your coaching, I could never have done it. It is little short of a miracle that I did. Thank you for giving me the tools to conquer my fears.  I enjoyed making the speech and I look forward in anticipation to the next opportunity.

Joe Osunsanmi, Accountant

Overcome your wedding speech anxiety easily!

So if we have intrigued you and you’d like to know more, and you want to know how we can help you give the best man speech or wedding speech that you always wanted to give, contact us for a free consultation, or download our free guide to authentic public speaking.