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Public Speaking Courses in London

She's getting her message across

with more clarity, and enjoys herself more when she speaks.

Louise, Social Worker

He’s discovered that a strong
connection with his audience

can help him have more impact.

Karl, Graphic Designer

Public Speaking Courses

His talks are more focused,

powerful, grounded and authoritative.

Aditya, Hospital Consultant

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Daniel Kingsley

and the team at Presence have made all that possible

Would you like to feel more confident in online meetings or virtual presentations? Do you hate being the centre of attention with all eyes on you? Would you like to actually enjoy speaking and presenting online?

If so, you’ve come to the right place – because we can help!

Confidence isn’t just something you have or you don’t.  There are a set of learnable skills that together can combine to give you genuine authentic presence and a sense of being comfortable speaking in public, and via your webcam too.

We’ve been teaching these skills in our workshops and online coaching sessions since 2012 and have helped hundreds of people to be more confident both face to face and in online meetings.

Don’t take our word for it – check out our 200+ Google Reviews by clicking the button below.

This training is for you if you want to:

  • Effectively manage nerves
  • Feel genuinely confident being the centre of attention
  • Overcome “public speaking” fear online
  • Make real impact in virtual meetings
  • Remain composed and think clearly – even under pressure
  • Get your message across powerfully and effectively in all situations

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The Problem with Online Meetings

Did you know that as humans we are genetically and evolutionally wired to be concerned about what other people are thinking?  In any “social” situation if we are not getting active reassurance from those we are with that they like us or approve of us it will automatically be generating fear and worry in a particular part of our brains.

Where’s a typical situation where people often don’t give you the reassurance that you are programmed to crave?  When you are speaking or presenting to a group online or in a virtual meeting.

You’re sitting at home or in your office looking at a screen and there are lots of images of co-workers or clients looking back at you with expressionless faces and you’re expected to present to them and impress them.  Or you’re sitting there looking at a blank screen and you only have audio – you don’t even know if people are listening!

It is genuinely difficult to maintain your confidence in this situation when you’re not getting any positive feedback as to how you’re doing.  And it will be driving that part of your brain a bit crazy!

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this training, but I was blown away…

Daniel facilitated clearly and with depth and shared great knowledge and experience. I felt my speaking improved significantly every time I took a “practice turn”. I left with new confidence not only in my speaking ability but also in myself.

Nicola Foster – Director Client Services, Outsell

The Solution – (How to be more confident in online meetings)

We can’t completely re-wire our evolution and stop our brains from running these programs of being concerned about how others are viewing us, but amazingly there are some simple yet powerful ways we can use to switch it off.  And there are some simple techniques we can employ to feel genuinely confident (rather than just trying to pretend that we are).

Thinking more productively.  By learning to become aware of our thinking patterns and get off the unhelpful trains of thought, we can prevent ourselves from getting in debilitating spirals of worry.

Emotional Control.  By developing skills of managing our emotions and our physical responses (adrenaline, shakiness, fast heart rate) we can bring these aspects under control, so we can think clearly and avoid any possibility of panic.

Body Awareness.  By using techniques from mindfulness, yoga and embodied leadership, we can learn to feel genuinely comfortable in our own skins, and amazingly to feel at ease being the centre of attention.

Getting Behind Yourself.  Instead of seeking validation from outside, it’s possible to learn how to give that approval that we have been seeking from the inside, making us feel more powerful, authoritative and in control.

Connecting with your audience.  By using the powerful Relational Presence® method, we’ll teach you how to make a powerful and authentic connection with the people you are talking to, allowing you to feel confident that your message is getting across.

And the good news is that all of these techniques can be taught over Skype or Zoom and can be used extremely effectively in online meetings or virtual presentations.

How to be more confident in online meetings

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About our Principal Trainer and Working Methods

About DanielOur principal trainer Daniel Kingsley started out as a barrister (trial attorney) and was taught traditional public speaking and presentation skills by top lawyers and judges.  He co-founded a Human Rights Charity and spoke regularly to the United Nations Human Rights Council, and considered himself to be a confident speaker.

In 2011, he discovered the vastly more effective Relational Presence® method.  He realised that there was a much better, more powerful and frankly easier way to feel confident speaking and presenting in public.  One of the key take-aways is that if we can get the connection with those we are speaking to right, everything else simply falls into place.  Communication becomes relaxing, human and at the same time really impactful.  Since 2012, he has devoted himself exclusively to teaching and coaching this work.

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