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She's getting her message across

with more clarity, and enjoys herself more when she speaks.

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He’s discovered that a strong
connection with his audience

can help him have more impact.

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His talks are more focused,

powerful, grounded and authoritative.

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Daniel Kingsley

and the team at Presence have made all that possible

Powerful two and four day public speaking courses in London that will develop your natural personal presence, enabling you to make a deep connection with your audience and get your message across.

We are social creatures. Relationships are at the heart of what it means to be human. We believe that if you get the relationships right, everything else falls into place. This is especially true for public speaking.

No amount of techniques and tricks will help you speak effectively unless you can really connect with your audience and they can feel that you’re truly at ease at the front of the room.

Our unique approach to public speaking goes much deeper than most others. We’ll help you to develop an authentically confident personal public speaking style that will allow you to connect with your audience, and successfully get your points across in a way that impacts your audience intellectually and emotionally.

This public speaking course is for you if you want to:

  • Feel confident and enjoy speaking in front of any audience
  • Speak easily and creatively – without notes
  • Remain composed and think clearly – even under pressure
  • Feel really comfortable at business or social events
  • Learn a lifelong skill that can help you succeed in your career and personal life
  • Get your message across powerfully and effectively in all situations

What our clients think about our public speaking courses

Shelley, Human Resources Manager

James, Innovation Manager

Ruth, Journalist and Author

Foundation public speaking courses

Our Foundation public speaking courses in London are suitable for both beginners and more advanced public speakers and is the ideal way to build and develop your confidence and ability in authentic public speaking.

The Foundation public speaking course often makes a very powerful difference to people’s experience as public speakers.  All of the photographs at the top of the pages throughout this website and the video testimonials on the site are from actual Foundation participants who’ve benefited significantly from the course.

The full Foundation public speaking course runs for 4 days over two modules (Foundation One and Foundation Two). You can book the whole course at once, or just start with Foundation One.

Choose the Foundation option that’s right for you:

Foundation 1

2 days from

Foundation 1&2

2 x 2 days from

Complete Package

Foundations 1, 2 plus 3 hours of one to one coaching from

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these workshops suitable for less confident speakers?

Yes, absolutely.  More than half the people who come on our workshops identify as not feeling confident in public speaking, and they almost always make huge breakthroughs on the course.  Take a look at our testimonials and Google Reviews in the right hand column.

What will already-confident speakers learn?

If you’re already confident in public speaking, our method will significantly deepen your existing confidence and allow you to make a much more powerful and authentic connection with your audience, ensuring that your message gets across with impact.

I'm terrified of public speaking - are these workshops suitable for me?

Yes. Lots of people who come on our courses come for this very reason.  If you are terrified of public speaking or simply suffer from public speaking anxiety, we can make a huge difference.  We’ve helped lots of people go from hating public speaking to actually enjoying it. 

Why are your workshops 2 days instead of 1 day?

It’s quite simple. The way we teach public speaking involves helping you make major shifts in the way you relate with people in public.  Making significant lasting changes takes time.  Experience has taught us that we can’t help people to make the first giant leap in a single day.  (We used to run 1 day workshops as well as 2 day workshops, but we stopped when we saw how much better people’s results were with the 2 day workshops.)  If you’re willing to commit 2 days of your time, in almost every case we can help you to achieve great results.

What syllabus do you cover on Foundation 1 and 2?

Our full course descriptions are below, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

Foundation One

Establishing an authentic connection with your audience is the key to successful public speaking. This is something your audience will love because as humans we’re wired to connect. Unlike other public speaking training organisations, we will help you to develop a real presence and a rapport rather than teach you how to “perform”.

And, once you’re more comfortable and relaxed, you’ll find that the rest comes naturally. You’ll stop worrying about what do with your hands or the way you are standing and start enjoying a positive relationship with your audience and experiencing the ‘buzz’ of successfully getting your message across.

Foundation One includes practical one-to-one and group exercises with plenty of individual feedback and coaching. You’ll cover all the essential areas such as handling nerves, speaking without notes and making powerful use of silence, and receive tailored handouts at the end of each day so you can focus on learning rather than note-taking.  All our public speaking courses take place in London.

Benefits of this public speaking workshop:

  • Feel confident standing in front of an audience
  • Develop your own unique ‘voice’ and style
  • Build genuine rapport with your audience
  • Express yourself with authenticity and clarity
  • Speak ‘off the cuff’ without notes
  • Refine your abililty to give and receive appreciation
Public Speaking Courses in London

Foundation Two

Foundation Two builds on Foundation One and will enable you to develop strategies for applying your new found self-assurance in a business environment. You will learn how to create presentations for different audiences, how to deal with Q&A sessions and how to deal with difficult audiences; to effectively get your message across every time you speak. You will also develop essential one-to-one communications skills.  All of our public speaking courses are take place in London.  Foundation One is a Pre-requisite for Foundation Two.

Benefits of this public speaking workshop:

  • Make a powerful first impression – be the person remembered at networking events or business meetings
  • Master Q&A sessions
  • Learn to deal with difficult audiences
  • Practice public speaking to different workplace audiences: from customers to team mates to senior executives

The complete Foundation package

(Package includes Foundation parts 1 and 2, plus individual coaching sessions.) Having one-to-one coaching sessions as part of our public speaking courses is a great way of focusing on particular areas of the training that you may wish to explore further – or to iron out issues and help combat nerves. The Presence Training complete public speaking Foundation Package includes three hours of individual coaching in London or by Skype (usually taken after the group workshops) to help tailor the training to your particular needs.

Need some help in making your choice?