Giving a best man speech or a wedding speech can be pretty scary – we can help with that.  A lot.

It’s a tough gig.  You’re not a natural public speaker and you need to give one of the biggest speeches of your life.  Everyone’s depending on you and they’re expecting you to be clever, funny, honest, heartfelt and confident.  No pressure then.

We can help.  Many of the people who come to our London-based Foundation Courses are coming for this exact same reason.  Some of them have been avoiding public speaking all their lives and know that because they’ve agreed to do this speech they can’t avoid in any longer.  Lots of them come dreading public speaking.  Most of them leave our courses liking it or even loving it.

A wedding speech or a best man speech doesn’t have to be a great challenge if you can feel confident to really connect to your audience and to speak confidently (even without extensive notes).  That’s where we come in.  We won’t help you write your best man speech, but we will help you deliver it in a way that feels easy, natural and relaxing.  And the Speaking Circles method is a big part of that.

How the Speaking Circles method can help your wedding speech

The Speaking Circles® method was designed by Lee Glickstein 20 years ago in order for him to overcome his terror of speaking in public, and since then it has helped thousands of people to move from terror, through comfort, often ending up in a delight in being in front of a group or audience.

Many people find it relatively easy to speak to people one-to-one, but find it stressful to speak to large groups. The Speaking Circles method teaches you how you can relate to an audience as if you were relating one to one, immediately making you feel much more comfortable.

Even those who don’t find it easy to relate one to one find that the simple introductory exercises that we practice will gradually allow them to increase their ease in relating with others, allowing them to feel much more comfortable in one on one as well as group/audience situations.

Within a very short period of time of doing this work most people find that they have developed public speaking skills to tackle situations that had previously felt to be impossible.

We’d love to help you overcome your public speaking anxiety and give an amazing best man speech or wedding speech.

How would you describe what we do?

Working on your body language and speech structure when you have no connection with your audience is like polishing a car with no engine. It might look great, but it’s not going anywhere.


Our principal trainer Daniel Kingsley started out doing presentations and Presentation Skills Training in the traditional way until he discovered the infinitely more powerful Speaking Circles® method. He discovered that when you get the connection with your audience right, everything else just falls into place.

Our Foundation training harnesses the effectiveness of learning how to build real and deep rapport with an audience with an understanding of how to harness your emotions in order to be a really compelling communicator.

And being able to feel that you are in a real connection with your audience is a very powerful way of overcoming public speaking anxiety.  Most people find themselves calming down almost immediately.

Our Foundation training will teach you how to:

  • Feel at ease making real eye contact with an audience
  • Be authentically yourself in any presentation situation
  • Deal with challenging emotions that arise when you’re speaking
  • Deliver presentations with very little planning and improvise readily
  • Manage difficult audiences
  • Understand how your body language affects your confidence
  • Take command of Q&A sessions

Foundation attendees have commented on their surprise at how enjoyable the act of public speaking can be, attributing this to the quality of the learning, the experience of the course facilitators, and the collaborative spirit nurtured within the workshops. We think you’ll also find our public speaking courses both an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  This London-based course offers an astonishingly fast way to overcome public speaking anxiety.

What would you tell anyone thinking about this course?

How the training works

Working in small groups of a maximum of 8 we teach in a “hands-on” way, with just enough input from us and plenty of opportunities for you to practice.  We’ve learned from experience that the best way for people to integrate new skills is by doing instead of listening and we’ll have you starting to take on board these new methods from the first moments of the training.  All of our courses take place in central London.

  • Individual coaching
  • Small group work
  • Large Group work
  • Feedback and Q&A sessions
  • Written handouts summarising all the main points we’ve covered
  • The opportunity to be videoed (optionally) to review your performances at home.
  • Access to a private group for graduates of the training to ask questions and share information about Presentation Skills and Public Speaking.

And, of course if you’d still like some help with structuring presentations or Powerpoint at the end of the course we’ll be happy to coach you in these areas one to one.

Daniel Fellows

If you want to take full control of your ‘life’ and become the best communicator and public speaker you can be I can’t recommend Daniel Kingsley and Presence Training highly enough. It could change your life.

Daniel Fellows, Marketing Director

Overcome your wedding speech anxiety easily!

The Science behind our powerful Presentation Skills Training and Public Speaking training

The foundation of our unique method starts with eye contact.  Not just fleeting “lip-service” eye contact, but real eye contact where you see the individuals you are speaking to as real human beings and you allow them to see you.

We know from our experience that this transforms the relationship between you and the audience, but many people are interested to know the science that explains why.  The answers are interesting.

Feel calmer, in control and more creative.

According to Professor Stephen Porges, author of the Polyvagal Theory – The Neurophysical Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communiation and Self-Regulation, extended easy-going eye contact activates the “Social Engagement System”, which via the vagus cranial nerve acts as a break on the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system.  Once this system is activated people feel more relaxed, safer, are more relational and more creative.

Increase your audience trust

Research by Jozien Bensing with GPs found that GPs who made significant amounts of eye contact with their patients had greater patient satisfaction and found that their patients had reduced anxiety and an increased willingness to disclose symptoms to their practitioner.

Not only does our powerful method work with eye contact, but we also encourage and teach use of “Open Focus” attention of the speaker on the audience.

Reduce your stress and increase performance.

Research by Dr Lester Fehmi of the Princeton Biofeedback Institute over the past 20 years suggests that such open focus attention methods not only reduces stress but also increase concentration and performance.

We can tell you lots more about the science, but of course the proof of the pudding is in the eating – check out our written and video testimonials throughout this website for details of how lots of people like you have benefited from our training.

So if we have intrigued you and you’d like to know more, contact us for a free consultation, or download our free guide to authentic public speaking.